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Ironic that this is so popular right now?
3 August 2012, 10:21 am
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Educate yourself.  The “peace sign” name is certainly ironic as it wasn’t invented to promote peace.  The only place they are allowed in my house is in our trash can.


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I’m always afraid to approach this topic, because there are nice people who are uneducated about what it really means….and I don’t want to offend them and make them feel stupid, but I would NEVER allow my daughter nor would I wear anything with a circular “peace” sign on it. I don’t know why they’re so “popular.” If folks were really for peace, they would live truly peacefully and simply, like Jesus Christ. ♥

Comment by Marfa

It totally creeps me out – especially seeing it everywhere – yuck.

BTW – I JUST found out you had a blog! If you told me, I would have been subscribed long ago! : )

Comment by anna@stuffedveggies

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