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16 October 2012, 12:45 pm
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You’d think Obama would have learned something from the failure with Solyndra.  Now another stimulus funded company that makes batteries for electric cars is bankrupt too.  I wish liberals would stop wasting other peoples money and actually do something decent for the environment.


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It makes me wonder if there’s some crony who is getting all that $$$…ridiculous that the government would fund a company with millions, when we are in debt!
Our government should NOT get involved….let people manage their own finances, not bring us ALL down.

Comment by Martha

Of course this is crony capitalism. Money is given to Solyndra and other green energy companies. They say it is to create jobs, but it has nothing to do with creating jobs. It is money laundering. The people at the top keep the money and pay themselves high wages and benefits and live the good life. Then they act as bundlers for the Obama campaign and return part of the money in the form of campaign donations, so Obama is benefiting from this. Very little of the money actually goes into the company to make the product and to create jobs. That’s why they end up going bankrupt. Taxpayers foot the bill and the whole thing is a scam.

Comment by Theresa Oakley

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